The quality and zest of our employees sets us apart. Encaptechno Solutions believes in relationships where customers can perceive the attention that they deserve. Our main focus is to retain the highest quality people that fit our open and client focused culture and values.

Amit Dua - Co-Founder & CEO

Amit Dua


Amit, with 15+ years of tech expertise, leads with compassion. He foresees global trends, uplifting teams to create top-notch products.

Amarjeet S Walia - Director - Sales & Marketing

Amarjeet S Walia


Amarjeet, a tech enthusiast for 20+ years, drives success globally. His expertise maximizes sales and marketing returns for many.

Abhishek - Delivery Director – CRM



Abhishek, CRM guru for a decade, excels in Salesforce, Zoho & Dynamics. Energetic and analytical, he delivers complex projects flawlessly.

Abhishek - Delivery Director – CRM

Edward Henry

Customer Growth Advisor

Edward Henry revolutionizes sales with Partner-Centric strategies. His mission empowers individuals to excel in B2B partnerships globally.