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Real-Time Microsoft Azure Consulting Solutions for Your Business

Futuristic enterprises are embracing technology innovations for faster business growth. They take high-priority initiatives in the form of real-time asset monitoring, predictive asset maintenance, and other related practices. Our Microsoft Azure Consulting team is dedicated to helping revolutionary companies achieve high-tech solutions by defining their technology roadmap & implementation strategy.

What Can We Do for You?

Encap offers Microsoft’s Azure Consulting Services and supports to fulfill all of your cloud requirements. Our expert consultants will help you to migrate and take full benefit of Microsoft Azure services. Azure offers an excellent cloud interface that lets your organization to integrate various alternatives that include analytics, data sharing, and application deployment in a scalable and vibrant online environment.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a web-based cloud system build to provide the required flexibility and freedom to your business with on-board secured accessibility. It is closely similar to a department store that can fulfill all your needs, having capabilities for a storage facility, mobile service, and data management. Hence, Azure is a single stop for all your business needs. You can upgrade anytime with its Pay-As-You-Go plan, based on your business’s needs.

What Products and Services Microsoft Azure Offer?

Here is the list of Microsoft Cloud Services that are characterized as Azure products:

  • Compute
  • Web
  • Data storage
  • Analytics
  • Networking
  • Media and content delivery network (CDN)
  • Hybrid integration
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Development
  • Security
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  • Containers
  • Databases
  • DevOps
  • Migration
  • Mobile
  • Management
  • DR and backup

Building Custom Solutions with Azure Cloud Services

We, at Encap, will help you to design & deploy a wide range of Azure Cloud Computing services & develop flexible mobile applications for your business using Microsoft Azure:

Consulting Solution

We offer world-class Azure Consulting solutions that strengthen your cloud initiative and lessen your spare infrastructural cost. Whether it’s planning a strategy for migration or deploying Azure applications for cloud best practices, we’ll help assist you in the entire implementation process.

Integration Service

We help our clients with top-rated Azure Integration Services and develop custom architecture solutions that are secure & flawlessly scales up based on your business needs. We evaluate your existing technology and process development to invent a customized integration approach that fits all your requirements.

Migration Solution

With our solid expertise, we help you to transfer your legacy systems to the latest future-ready Microsoft Azure-based cloud systems. We provide unified Azure Migration Services that enable seamless and hassle-free migration from one platform to Azure.

Implementation services

We ensure an unbroken business transformation by helping you implement entirely custom-made strategies that mitigate risks. Our team helps enterprises to identify their technology direction and implementation strategy by leveraging Azure PaaS, IoT, Analytics and Mobility.

Plan Your Success Growth With Our Expert Consultants

Why Should You Choose
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services?

Benefits of
Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Pay As You Grow

Microsoft Azure’s suite of applications is accessible on a pay-as-you-go basis, permitting your business to save money and allot resources more efficiently. You can move your projects on the cloud rapidly without the heavy liabilities of infrastructure costs

Superior Business Agility

The businesses that deploy Azure solutions have a much faster development cycle. Therefore, Azure applications escalate business agility and support businesses to explore new approaches and technologies.

Scalable and Highly Secure Cloud

Microsoft Azure presents constant cloud backups and Disaster Recovery. And it also has its own Azure Security Center, which currently makes it the individual public cloud platform provider contributing continuous data-security management.

Secure Integration with Other SaaS Apps

Supported by the high functionality & advanced operational capabilities, Azure apps can be integrated securely and easily with other cloud SaaS applications such as Dropbox, Office 365, Salesforce, and many more.

Why Choose Us For Azure Consulting Services?

Encap’s fully integrated Azure Cloud Consulting solutions take away all your infrastructure transition worries. Our cloud experts would guide you through all aspects of your migration without sacrificing your daily processes. We will build a customized plan of action designed precisely to suit your exact business needs. For providing your business industry-leading cloud services, we have:

  • End-to-End services experience with industry know-how
  • Industry proven best practices developed by our Core Cloud Experts
  • High-rated service satisfaction and delivery excellence
  • Serving multiple clients across various regions and industries
  • Client-focused solutions centered on their Business Goals
  • Highly Cooperative Project Management approach
  • Consistent service descriptions, tools, & processes and evolving knowledgebase

Planning to Migrate?

Opt for Azure Database Migration Services to Retain Maximum Compliance and Data Security with Azure.

How Does Azure Pricing Work?

Azure helps you meet your organization’s needs and budget with competitive, pay-as-you-go pricing plans. You can comprehend cost savings, whether in Microsoft Azure Migration or enhancing complex deployments.

  • Substantial savings on all services
  • Translucent and competitive pricing
  • Free enterprise-level cost management tools

Industries that we Serve

Encaptechno unfolds a range of cloud-based technology solutions to facilitate efficient working amongst different industry verticals for a streamlined sales and marketing process, strong IT helpdesk & support, accounted finances, happy human resource, insightful analytics, and a lot more.

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We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

The services which are free in the first 12 months include 750 hours of Azure B1S General Purpose Virtual Machines for Microsoft Windows Server and 750 hours of Azure B1S General Purpose Virtual Machines for Linux.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services that includes servers, storage, databases, networking, analytics, intelligence, and software over the Cloud environment to offer quicker innovation, supple resources, and economies of scale.

Microsoft Azure is a private and public cloud platform, which uses virtualization technology to work on a massive scale in Microsoft data centers across the world. And its cloud sets physical servers in one single or multiple data centers that process virtualized hardware on the client’s behalf.

Microsoft Azure pricing is completely modular and customizable, and price may get higher for on-premises solutions. If you know how to make the most of it, Microsoft Azure can be considerably less expensive than other cloud management practices. Still, there’s not any fixed rate because it depends on your exact business needs.

Microsoft’s Azure Storage offers different types of data storage services. Everything that you store in Azure Storage exists in triplicate in individual data centers situated around the world – the copies counteract the risks of hardware failures. It also provides customers the option of backups in data centers in other geographical regions. Azure Storage is highly resilient, accessible, encrypted, durable, and secure.