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Why is Salesforce Sales Cloud a Smarter Choice?

Being a part of the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Sales Cloud is focused on enhancing the efficiency of the sales team of an enterprise and hence boosting the rate of sales. It is a unique sales method that provides both the account information of the customer as well as the information captured from the social platforms regarding the product and customer.

With Sales Cloud, it is easy to judge the potential of a sales lead, and you can grow your contacts more rapidly, find new customers quicker, and close deals faster, from anywhere. The fully customizable sales platform effortlessly integrates with your business data and apps and can be used on all devices. Whether you are working in the office or on the road with your Smartphone, you can update on the go, view your critical sales data, and keep in contact with your team. Forecasting is at your fingertips, and automated actions make it easier to make decisions quickly.

The following are some Key Business Goals you can achieve with Sales Cloud.

Close more deals

The availability of accounts and product information for customer’s needs makes it easier to generate a greater number of leads to closure.

Close deals faster

Close deals faster by approving workflows for different business processes with mobile apps and visual designs.

Get more deals

Constant optimization of marketing campaigns based on the market response and closer interactions with channel partners gets more deals.

Quicker decisions

The Decision-making process gets easier because of the availability of reports and dashboards that represent a very detailed picture of the business scenarios.

Play Smarter- Ensure Better ROI

Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed as a tool to win deals from competitors
who are having other CRM software.

As Salesforce was created to bring high ROI up to 600% ROI, the metrics of Sales Cloud represents:


Increase in
Sales Productivity


Increase in
Sales Revenue


Increase in
Opportunities Win Rate


Increase in
Sales Conversion Rate


Increase in
Forecast Accuracy Rate

Sell Smartly with Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants

Hire our Sales Cloud experts to get started with the Salesforce Sales Cloud the right way so that you complete your implementation process successfully. Our team of cloud consultants will craft custom-tailored
solutions that suit perfectly to your business requirements.

Leverage the benefits of Sales Cloud to make your sales process more effective and smooth, while generating more leads.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Business with Sales Cloud

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What Do We Offer As Salesforce Sales Cloud Services?

Encap offers a complete set of Salesforce solutions, including a Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation, customization, consulting, integration, migration, and support & enhancement. Our Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud consultants professionally optimize Sales Cloud applications and recommend the best solutions based on the business needs of the clients.

How does Salesforce Sales Cloud
Implementation help To Sell Better?

With Salesforce Cloud, you get a complete view of your customers, which showcases the activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and other internal account discussions. You can significantly accelerate your team’s productivity and increase your sales revenue by 28%.

Deliver Personalized Buying
Experiences to Every Customer

Build long-term, loyal customers at every communication. Unite your sales, marketing, finance, billing, and service teams to direct each potential customer through a personalized buying experience.

Create a Personalized Sales
Journey for Every Customer

Sales Cloud makes every single minute count: standardize operations, automate manual tasks, and monitor data through any device, even when you are offline. Leave a lasting team impact with insights guidance and predictions from built-in AI

Widen Your Reach, and Adjust
Your Strategy In Real-time

Develop your sales strategy, whether you want to proceed into a new industry, a new market, or a new locality. Set your boundaries, view team performance, track sales representative’s performance and more

Close More Deals with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Close more deals with contact and lead management, collaboration, marketing tools, and more.
It doesn’t matter what the size of your organization, all sales representatives share one common goal- the ambition to become a top performer.
Salesforce Sales Cloud presents all the features to help with that.

Account and Contact

Get an entire view of your customer’s data, including past activities, major contacts, customer communications, and internal interactions. Preview insights from popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn right within Salesforce.


Keep a complete record of your team’s deals with Opportunity Management. Explore the stages, products, rivalry, quotes, and many more. Stay in contact with the people and inform you that you need to close every sale.


Track your leads from start to end, while constantly optimizing your campaigns across every channel. Take decisions smartly about your investment plan to save your marketing dollars.

Manage Sales

Find the right sales data at the right time with Sales Cloud to make the important decisions faster. Locate the latest, most accurate data regarding Salesforce that will increase sales and marketing productivity.

Key Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Contact Management

Opportunity Management

Lead Management

Reports and Dashboards


Email Integration

Sales Forecasting

Workflow and Approvals

Files Sync and Share

Salesforce Engage

Sales Collaboration

Territory Management

Sales Data and Intelligence

Partner Management

How Salesforce Sales Cloud Accelerates
Sales Productivity?

Close more deals with contact and lead management, collaboration, marketing tools, and more.
It doesn’t matter what the size of your organization, all sales representatives share one common goal- the ambition to become a top performer.
Salesforce Sales Cloud presents all the features to help with that.

Here are some Salesforce Sales Cloud features that will help you accelerate sales productivity:

  • Mobile Salesforce mobile apps enable salespersons to use their mobile devices as a portable sales application. They can log calls, respond to leads, track opportunities, and update data from anywhere and anytime.
  • Workflow and Approval It allows designing and automating the business processes with a simple drag-and-drop action. Highly scalable approval processes constrain success for deal discounts, expenses, etc.
  • Inside Sales Console The Sales team can use sales intelligence, view detailed information, and find multiple leads on a single screen, including their present status. So they can easily create a sales channel, prioritize leads, and speed up productivity.
  • Email Integration Sales Cloud integrates your preferred email applications with the entire suite. Create personalized messages with available data, send multiple emails, and stay productive.
  • Files Sync and Share Search and find relevant files quickly and share them securely with your sales team. Share, publish, access, and track files in real-time easily.

Reasons to Choose
Sales Cloud For Your Business

The companies are opting for Salesforce Sales Cloud because it empowers their sales team to make better decisions in real-time by providing a tailored view of the sales and customers' information. Sales Cloud is a gem for the sales team because of it:

  • Remove the irrelevant information and provide better visibility of the data
  • Helps to create a personal relationship with customers
  • Build marketing and sales strategies and help to optimize the ongoing processes
  • Helps to communicate with customers and recognize their needs
  • Estimate the prospected response of customers based on their past behavior
  • Takes care of security and management of sales data
  • Accessible from anywhere and anytime
  • Customizes the workflows and boosts up the productivity

Why is Encaptechno a Good Choice
for Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Encaptechno has a team of experts that makes your migration and implementation process of sales Cloud easier, while also assisting you in making your sales process more effective. You can choose Encap because we serve the best with our:

  • Customized Migration Strategies
  • Proven Framework
  • Cross-Industry Experience
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Industry-Leading Support
  • High Customer Satisfaction Rate

Want to give a boost to your sales?

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Encaptechno unfolds a range of cloud-based technology solutions to facilitate efficient working amongst different industry verticals for a streamlined sales and marketing process, strong IT helpdesk & support, accounted finances, happy human resource, insightful analytics, and a lot more.

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We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that is built to support sales, marketing, and customer management tasks in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) contexts.

With the sales Cloud, you get all the necessary tools to automate your sales processes effectively. It helps the sales team to find more leads, close deals faster, accelerate productivity, and make insightful decisions.

Yes, the Salesforce mobile app is accessible on Android (v4.2+) and iOS (v8.0+). In addition to this, you can also use a mobile browser app on many other devices such as Blackberry (OS10.2+) and others via a web browser with an internet connection.

Sales Cloud is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, and the software scales easily to fit every business size, from single proprietorships to international organizations. The benefits of the Sales Cloud are equally relevant to all businesses despite their size.

Sales Cloud is built for helping salespeople to sell smarter and faster. While the Service Cloud helps companies to run and improve their customer service. It totally depends on your business requirements, which cloud features fit accurately to them.